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That, Kababayans, makes you

BagongPlaneta empowers VIPs around the world turning them into life-changing forces to

progressibly impact Mama Pinas.

11 million Pinoys abroad

left MamaPinas with uncertainty, dispirited heavy hearts, sacrificing the moments with families and love ones, to provide a better life for them. 
Based on 2013 Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) estimate of 10.2 million people of Filipino descent lived or worked abroad.

Some sacrifice
working long hours, low wages, and few chances to visit family. The Middle East coordinator of Migrante stated that an unknown number of Filipinos in Saudi Arabia were "victims of sexual abuses, maltreatment, unpaid salaries, and other labor malpractices".


Those sacrifice must not be fruitless.
There should still be hope, that Pinoys' lives can be enhanced, that MamaPinas can still be more desirable.


Believe in yourself... Have faith in GOD...

105 million plus is the Philippine population

ranked 13th in the world, growing 1.5% every year. 

Poverty-ill condition

with poor or no health care, unemployment, lack of education, poor sanitation, calamities, high crime rates, illegal drugs, pollution, corruption, and dirty governance, hits most kababayans.


No foreseeable solution

with unstable elements in the government, unreliable industries, and too many people in a destitute state, is a huge puzzle for the government.






VIP Hosts
thru VIP Passport
VIP Passports
take VIPs to their financial destination

Eventually, VIPs will
  • SEND more money,
  • BUY a home in our homeland, and
  • VISIT MamaPinas more often.


That will boost Remittance, Housing, Travel & Tourism, improving MamaPinas economy

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