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TheDifference created BagongPlaneta aimed to make a difference in the lives of Pinoys thru its

On-line technology and social media now able us to connect to millions of Pinoys all over the world to encourage them to apply powerful financial tools. was built in 2001 thru GDI, an affiliated company providing websites all over the world with an Income For Life opportunity., the main hub of BagongPlaneta, is the source of information for the VIPs. may be displayed on smart device's homescreen, just like apps, for easy access. Just click the icon below that has an arrow pointing upwards from a box, then select homescreen.


VIP (Very Important Pinoy)

Anybody anywhere in the world with a "Pusong Pinoy"  is a VIP. They are very important because, unconciously, they are contributing to the economy of MamaPinas. Consuming Filipino foods, being customer of Filipino businessmen, calling someone in the Philippines, subscribing to a Filipino TV station or watching a Filipino made movie, working in the Philippines or abroad are just some of the ways to contribute to MamaPinas economy. They may not be aware of it, but that makes them very important to MamaPinas.


VIP Passport

A VIP Passport is needed to go to BagongPlaneta.

VIP Passport holders automatically own a Franchise that enables them to host VIPs from all over the world to BagongPlaneta. 

These entrepreneural heroes are part of a powerful life transforming force and enjoy great benefits.

Each VIP Passport has a unique serial number, issue date, VIP's name & email address, and VIP Host name & Passport Number. 

VIP Passport has no expiration and there is no need for renewal.

VIP Passport comes in Portable Document Format (PDF) that can be displayed on a smart device. This is a perfect way to carry it anywhere.


Some creative uses of VIP Passports are:

  • Gifts for family & friends
  • Promotion of businesses
  • Promotion of remittance, housing, travel & tourism industries
  • Fund raising for business, charity, club events, etc.
  • and since it's serialized, it can be used for identification and event raffle or lottery ticket.

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